Giving and Hospitality for the Glory of God

One of my pastors is a man named John Piper.  In preparation for my message on Romans 12:13 I listened to his message on Romans 12:13.  This is one of the latter steps in my sermon preparation.  After I study what the text says, then I turn to what others have said...

Find Your Spiritual Gifts

In the message this morning on Romans 12, I mentioned that one of the key ways that some might need to respond is by discovering their spiritual gifts.  This is the starting point for ministry and service.  So, if you have never taken a spiritual gifts assessment,...

What You Should Do Tomorrow

Ryan Johnson, Associate Pastor What You Should Do Tomorrow March 15, 2009

Connecting is God's Will

Bro. Mike Whitt, Pastor Connecting is God’s Will March 8, 2009

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