Bible study is not complete until a personal application of the passage has been made.  The Bible is truth to be lived, not just knowledge to be gained. In making application, look for:

  • A command to obey
  • A promise to cling to
  • An example to follow
  • An example to avoid
  • A warning to heed
  • Advice to embrace
  • An attitude to change
  • A truth to believe
  • A teaching to put into practice
  • A sin to repent of
  • A character quality to imitate
  • A prayer topic
  • Something to be thankful for
  • A temptation to resist
  • An error to avoid
  • A perspective to ponder
  • A priority to establish
  • A tactic to employ
  • A verse to memorize
  • Something to teach others

(h/t Fighter Verses #25)

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