Today we looked at Matthew 5:13-16 in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.  Due to technical difficulties, we did not get this message in its entirety.  Nevertheless, this text was providential in light of the decision by the Supreme Court this past week to redefine marriage.  If you are interested in reading more on how Christians can respond to this decision, visit Pastor David Murray’s website to read his collection of some of the best articles in light of the decision.

In the morning service, we ended with the testimony of how God used a Christian couple to be salt and light to Rosaria Butterfield.  I would encourage you to watch her testimony below or purchase her book entitled “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert”


During our evening service, we watched several videos related to how the Southern Baptist Convention, with whom we are affiliated, is equipping churches to respond to this new threat to religious liberty.  The videos below are from the Southern Baptist Convention’s annual meeting that took place in June.

Click one of the follow links to view the videos from tonight’s evening service:

Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission Report


President’s Panel Discussion on Engaging LGBT Culture

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