20140103-184958.jpgI have been so grateful for the opportunity that has been allowed to me to come to the Dominican Republic. The Lord has provided for us each step of the way, making His will clear and giving us the ability to communicate His Gospel as abundantly sufficient. If you are reading this and you have prayed for us or supported us in any way, thank you so much for your investment in this ministry. I pray that you will have the opportunity to join me one day or go on an international mission trip with your church family.

20140103-184840.jpgWe did not have WiFi last night, so that is why there was no update. But, it did afford us some time to do some other things, like catch up on sleep. Yesterday (Thursday), we began a new ministry project in a community outside of the city in the mountains called El Badane. This is a community in the hills, which meant we had to haul some of our supplies up a fairly steep (and slightly muddy) incline. However, as with most tough things, by the time we got up there, it was well worth it.

20140103-184829.jpgOver the past two days we have made visits and had some very awesome conversations with a variety of people. Even though El Badane is a very small community, we had many children show up on Thursday and many adults show up on Friday. These events provided opportunities for us to bless this community with the Gospel. The kids got together on Thursday and made a craft that illustrated Jesus being the light of the world. Then, the adults got together on Friday and heard a message that result in 5 decisions for Christ. This was a very exciting couple of days for ministry. Please pray for this community and this church. They are incredible people whose hospitality and openness to the Word of God has brought about fruit, but they also have a spirit of confusion about superficial religion and Catholicism that must be broken by consistent, systematic teaching of God’s Word.

20140103-185223.jpgOne of the great blessings of any mission trip is meeting the believers who seek to live out the Gospel on a daily basis in that country. We have had some incredible translators who each have incredible testimonies. I look forward to doing ministry with each of them in the future. And the illustration of a translator is one that I want to leave you with today.

While we have been here our translators have had the important job of hearing in one language from a person and then, using the mind God gave them, take those words and put them into a totally different language to a totally different person while maintaining the integrity of the message’s content. This is a very appropriate illustration of what it means to walk as a believer in this world. God has given us the mission of first knowing Him, His character and His salvation through His Word; and then, secondly, to know and communicate those truths to the culture. This is accomplished through a knowledge of both and passion to see the world transformed through the power of the Gospel.

20140103-184946.jpgHow effective would a translator be if they knew one language and not the other? They would be useless as a translator because they cannot effectively accomplish their mission. Whether its a lack of knowledge, desire, or experience, one group would be without a translation of the message.

If you know Christ, God saved you out of the world but left you in the world for a purpose. Not just that, He has gifted you with a specific set of spiritual gifts, a calling, and a daily purpose. You naturally know the world around you, and you are called to find satisfaction in God’s character as communicated through His Word. But it is not meant to just stay with you. Translate that character into the language of those around you. Take the unchanging truths of God’s Word and be God’s translator so that the world can hear His voice, and in so doing, truly love your neighbor!



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