Ryan: Do you know Jesus?

Shop Owner: Yes

Ryan: What do you know about him?

Shop Owner: He’s standing right there…

Ryan: No, not that Jesus…I’m talking about Jesus Christ

20131230-224550.jpgThis humorous conversation that I seriously had today pictures some of the cultural differences that those who go on short-term missions trips to Hispanic cultures face. But even obstacles like names and language cannot stop the Gospel from going forth. And that is what happened for us today in the DR.

Today Phillip and I engaged a crowd of mostly Dominican men with the truth of the Gospel in Psalm 1. I must say, I was supremely blessed to hear my brother in Christ share God’s Word today. His knowledge of Scripture and his ability to communicate reflects an incredible heart that is devoted to The Lord. For many of you who know Phillip, this is no surprise. You can watch a snippet of his message (and what it is like speaking through a translator) in the video below:

I have to mention one other thing that blessed me today. As Phillip was teaching, I noticed the Bible of the man sitting in front of me. This man, our trip leader Jeff Johnston, is someone that I have just met. I don’t him very well at all. I got to know him through many of the emails he sent out before the trip. However, seeing his Bible today told me all I needed to know about him.

20131230-224456.jpgI considered it an amazing blessing of God’s Providence that I go to see Psalm 1 being lived out by Jeff. The evidence was in his life, but the greatest piece of the puzzle was being held in his hands. Psalm 1:2 talks about the man whose delight is in the Law of The Lord, and on that Law he meditates day and night. I am grateful to have this man leading this trip because it is very clear that he loves The Lord and that he loves God’s Word.

20131230-224440.jpgWe conclude our ministry in the Santa Rosa community tomorrow. Please pray for our Bible studies and visits. Most of all, pray that a harvest would be reaped for the glory of King Jesus!

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