Today may have been my favorite day of ministry in the Dominican Republic so far, including my last visit here.  It was such a good day because I was able to see all facets of the church at work. Our team partnered with the Baptist Church in the Bayona community in worship, teaching, edification, and missions.

We started our day with praise and worship led by our Dominican friends. The group was small, but the worship was genuine. One of our team members, Justin, shared a message from Psalm 31 on God’s steadfast character. 20131229-234837.jpg

After the morning worship service, we shared a meal with the church members at Pastor Antonio’s house. During and after lunch, we shared a time of fellowship where we talked about how God is working in our lives, how he is working in the Dominican Republic, and how he is working in the U.S. We also had the opportunity to share the gospel with those who live in close proximity to the church. Ryan and I had one special conversation with two teenage girls. When pressed on their spiritual state, one of the girls said that when she dies, she will ask God to pardon her sin. This statement opened the door for us to share the difference between mercy and grace and why God’s grace is essential for our salvation. Both girls told us that they had never put their faith in Jesus as their Savior, but neither made a decision for Christ today. A seed has been planted, though, and I trust the local church to water the seed and the Holy Spirit to bring spiritual growth in their lives. As we shared the gospel we invited the people of Bayona to the evening church service and the response was great. Judd, a team member, preached the good news of Jesus and urged those in attendance to count the cost of following Jesus.EveningWorship

Tomorrow, we will be back in Santa Rosa. I will be leading a men’s Bible study in the afternoon. Please, pray that many of the men in that community will come and hear the truth of God’s word. We will be meeting in a hardware store and talking about building on the firm foundation of Jesus Christ. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

In Christ,


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