Today we began sharing our faith in the community of Santa Rosa. This was a familiar neighborhood for many of our team members, but this was my first experience there. Santa Rosa is a more rural community than I have worked in previously. It is also further inland than I have been. The streets are not paved in Santa Rosa and after a few afternoon rain showers, the roads turned to mud.

The Dominican Republic is a lot like the United States when it comes to religion. Both countries were founded on solid Biblical principles, but slowly we have removed those Biblical principles and replaced them with a wisdom of our own. Dominican politics, I am told, are filled with corruption and bribery. Everyone that I talk to has heard the name Jesus Christ and most have some knowledge of who Christ is. This country, like ours, is very religious, but religion doesn’t have the power to save. It is my job, while I am here in the Dominican, to adequately present the gospel of Jesus Christ and its saving power.

Today, I had long conversations with three individuals. Two women (one Catholic, one Jehovah’s Witness) had much knowledge about the Bible and their respective church’s teachings. The barriers in their hearts towards the true gospel of Jesus were strong. Both believe strongly that they know they way to eternal life with God, but both have been misled by a false gospel. I also met a man named Jesus today. We asked him what he knew about Jesus Christ and he really didn’t know much other than that Christ is supposed to be “good.” We talked outside around a car with he and his family and two other families for 45 minutes explaining man’s sin, why we need a savior, and what Christ did to purchase our redemption. He was very willing to listen and I am hoping to return to talk with him more.

Tomorrow we will have two church services at a church in Bayona. Please pray for our team members as they preach and teach. Also be in prayer for Jesus and the two women that I mentioned above, that their hearts would be opened to the truth of the gospel.

In Christ,

Phillip Weems

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