Despite several setbacks and in light of several lessons that Phillip and I learned, today was a good first day of our mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Our flights went well and The Lord provided many mercies while we were travelling.

One of the initial observations about this trip is that the travel to the DR is one of the easiest I have ever experienced on a mission trip. The plane rides were relatively short and, even though we had some hiccups, we got here pretty easily.

Upon meeting up with our team at the Santo Domingo airport we began our ride to “Jumbo” (a store where we ate and got some items for the week). Think of an American mall combined with a Walmart and that is Jumbo. However, the niceness of this Dominican store stood in stark contrast to what we saw on the streets. It looked much like India. On our short trip from the airport the streets were filled with cars and people who walked in the midst of trash that was strewn everywhere. This is where the people live…and this is where we came to serve.

As we have prepared for this trip, our numbers have decreased by three, leaving us with 10 team members. However, as we walked through our schedule tonight at the team meeting, The Lord impressed upon me the story of Gideon. God decreased the size of Gideon’s army to a seemingly foolish amount…why? Was it so that Gideon could be discourraged? By no means! Instead, it was so that the victory accomplished by Gideon’s hand would unmistakably be the work of our Gideon’s Almighty God.

That is how I feel about our diminished numbers. While it is an opportunity for us to get discouraged, it is instead a preparation for something marvelous that can only be attributed to The Lord.

I truly can’t wait to see what He has got in store for us and for the people of the DR. Please continue to pray for us as we start our busy schedule tomorrow.

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