Last week, Alabama Baptists convened at Whitesburg Baptist Church in Huntsville, AL for their annual meeting.  The Alabama Baptist State Convention is one of the most prolific conventions in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), the denomination with which FBC-Abbeville is affiliated.  Since 1925, every church in the Southern Baptist Convention has held the conviction that churches can do more to impact people with the Gospel by cooperating together.  This mindset drives what the SBC calls the Cooperative Program.


Melissa Whitt thanking Alabama Baptists:

Melissa Whitt from Alabama Baptist SBOM on Vimeo.

Each year, FBC-Abbeville, along with other churches in Alabama, send money through the Cooperative Program to fund county, state, and national missions programs, including a fund that provides benefits for the families of deceased pastors.  This fund allows families to maintain their standard of living and fulfill their calling in the case of unexpected loss of a loved one in ministry.

At last week’s convention, FBC-Abbeville was represented well among the messengers as Melissa Whitt gave thanks to Alabama Baptists for their provision of this benefit.  In addition to her testimony, Dr. Rick Lance, executive secretary of the Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions (ALSBOM), spoke well of FBC-Abbeville and the way church family responded to the sudden loss of Bro. Mike.

Ricky Sowell, who was at the state convention, tweeted this upon watching the video and hearing Dr. Lance:

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